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Takker - The World's Greatest Tool to Hang All Your Wall Items

Hardwall Takker Wall Item Hanger Tool

Takker - As Seen & Successfully Pitched on Dragons' Den Ireland 2009

Loved by millions... Takker  celebrates 2020 by launching in Asia!  Premiering in Thailand, The Philippines & Australia

Dragons Den Ireland

As Seen & Successfully Pitched on Dragons Den Ireland 2009

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Takker is the worlds most innovative tool that makes it a total breeze to hang items on walls without the need for drills, plugs, nails, screws or hammers for all soft and hard surfaces.

Takker - The World's Simplest Tool to Hang Wall Items up to 12kg

Takker - Loved by Millions

Since the invention in 2009 of the Original Takker & subsequent roll out of the Hardwall Takker, millions of people have enjoyed the ease of hanging items on walls with this amazing and simple tool. Takker enables wall hanging items to carry weights of 10Kg & 12 Kg respectively

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